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the “gourmet basket” collection…

At Blanchet, we know and love the regions our customers hail from.
Fancy a gourmet trip to Brittany or Normandy? So, set sail for the west and its proud marinières.
A breath of sea air in every package to be shared and enjoyed.

Collection les régionauxThe “regions” collection,Normandy:Ref.: 5-kg BASKET - Ref.: 3-kg BASKET

Panier en contreplaqué peuplierBretagne Normandie emballagesPanier en bois contreplaqué

The “regions” collection,Normandy:Ref.: 5-kg BASKET - Brittany:Ref.: 5-kg BASKET

Barquette boiscarte postale en boisPackagning bois

The “regions” collection,Brittany:Ref.: 3-kg BASKET - 5-kg BASKET / Reference:Postcards of Brittany and Normandy