Because we have been assisting our clients for many years with their packaging projects for:

  • product launches and re-positioning,
  • special events, anniversaries, one-off promotions,
  • key moments in the year: Christmas, Valentine's Day…

we know that specialist marketing advice can make all the difference.

How Blanchet assists you

If your company does not have its own marketing department,
If you have a complex and/or new project challenge,
Or if you want to guarantee the success of your project,
we can provide specific marketing support to:

  • analyse your situation in detail,
  • conduct a thorough marketing review for your project,
  • recommend priority actions.

Thematic meetings will be held throughout the support process and summary documents will be produced for you.

To ensure total transparency, a price breakdown for the Marketing consulting service is provided in our quote.

A dedicated team

  • Your sales advisor follows up and coordinates your project from A to Z.
  • Our marketing expert assists you at key stages of the project, liaising with the design/graphics department.