the  “goodies”  collection

Let’s have some fun!
For giving, decorating or communicating. We thought out of the box when we revisited some of our classics:
postcards, bookmarks, key fobs, accessories, etc. Wood is simply magic! Decorative, trendy, attractive and fun to keep and behold.

Now it’s your turn to add a touch of colour and fantasy!

wooden postcards

carte postale en bois

Cartes postales en bois recettes

Cartes postales en bois divers

Cartes postales en bois les oiseaux

Cartes postales en bois régionales

cartes postales en bois

Reference:wooden postcards


marque pages en bois


Christmas decorations

Décoration de Noël en bois

Reference:Christmas decorations


sous-bocs en bois


FISH labels

poissons en bois

Reference:fish labels - colors, contact us

wooden labels

étiquettes en bois

Reference:wooden labels - customization, contact us

plywood animals made of plain or printed poplar

animaux en découpe

Reference:plywood animals made of plain or printed poplar - Références : 1 - wooden hen / 2 - wooden cow  / 3 - wooden lamb


PLV en bois

Reference:board display - customization, contact us