research and developmentRESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT

Constant innovation

Over the last 10 years, Florence Blanchet has sought to develop a veritable innovation culture within a traditionally conventional sector.
Today, this is a key aspect of the regionally based SME's approach through real technical, human and financial investment in a France-based production strategy, employing local people.

Over the last ten years, Blanchet has led and driven new trends in wood packaging:

  • one of the pioneers of customised, printed wood packaging,
  • first in the sector to create themed wood packaging design collections,
  • first in its field to have invested in wood printing technology,
  • constantly innovating with new products launched every year.

Our goal is to open up new technical, design and marketing avenues
in wood packaging in order to:

  • bring you fresh ideas and solutions,
  • enhance and promote your products,
  • support and make an event out of your promotional campaigns,
  • bring you original gift boxes,
  • ensure your products stand out at your points of sale or online,
  • help you create lively window and store displays...

A dedicated team

To achieve this demanding vision, Blanchet relies on:

  • an advanced in-house R&D/Methods department,
  • an integrated production system,
  • specialist product design partners,
  • technical experts,
  • a multi-disciplinary project team combining skills in development, marketing, creation and more.


  • research into future wood packaging developments,
  • partnerships with design schools,
  • participation in major wood packaging trade shows…

A look back at our recent innovations:

  • 2005: launch of customised packaging
  • 2010: creation of EasyKlips
  • 2013: creation of Moduloklips
  • 2013: creation of the "Fish Box"
  • 2014: creation of the Slim Pack
  • 2014: creation of the "Boat Platter"
  • 2014: creation of presentation racks

2014: OPTIMOPACK announced winner of the 2014 French packaging Oscars